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Maui Wedding Photographer, Gordon Nash

"I am dedicated to bringing more beauty to the world"    Gordon Nash

Fine art wedding photographer, Gordon Nash lives with his family on the slopes of a verdant volcano on the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii.

Gordon first held a camera in his hands at ten years old. Instantly charmed by the magic of the little Kodak Brownie inherited from his grandmother, he became infatuated with this tool that would later be instrumental in his life’s work. While at Trinity University, Gordon studied portraiture and opened his first photography studio and within months shot his first wedding at the young age of twenty two. After graduation, Gordon traveled the world in his 20's for adventure and knowledge and wound up it Tokyo where he was hired as a TV commercial producer. Producing and directing commercials gave Gordon a skill he would put to good use later directing thousands of wedding couples from around the globe.

Gordon spent his childhood on the beaches of Galveston, a resort island off the coast of Texas, and decided to raise his family in a similar resort environment in Hawaii. On Maui, Gordon Nash established one of the first wedding photography studios and planning companies in the Hawaiian Islands. Today, Gordon with 16 years of wedding photography expertise, approaches every photo shoot with vibrancy and excitement. Adventurous and always striving to stay at the leading edge of photography, Gordon has reincorporated film into his wedding photography and is one of very few studios in Hawaii that does so. Named the "Maui Wedding Mogul" by Rangefinder Magazine, today Gordon works diligently in his wedding studio that has stood for photographic excellence for more than a decade. Gordon’s work has appeared in numerous magazine and books such as Nikon World, Rangefinder Magazine and multiple photography how to books published by Amherst Media. Regularly Nikon publishes his photos in various catalogs to advertise their wide range of digital cameras and lenses.

Mixing fashion, magazine editorial and photojournalism styles, Gordon photographs weddings at all the major resorts in Hawaii including the Four Seasons Maui, Grand Wailea Resort, Fairmont Kea Lani, Marriott Outrigger and Makena Beach and Golf Resort. Gordon is trusted by his clients to always raise the bar on his photography and produce portfolio quality images at every event. Capturing every precious moment for newlyweds is Gordon's life's work and he is devoted to his couple's by continually sharpening his photographic skills and techniques to bring them images that surpass their high expectations and industry standards.



 Gordon Nash's Publishing History, Awards and Work History

2015 Maui Wedding Association Planner Magazine Cover Photo Published

2014 The Knot Best of Weddings Award

2013 Best Photo for Maui Wedding Association 1st & 2nd Place Award

2013 Maui Wedding Planner Magazine (Cover Photo), Trade Publishing, June 2013, Cover Photo and numerous photos within magazine.You can order this Wedding Planner from the association

2012 Maui Wedding Association Planner Magazine Cover Photo Published

2012 & 2011 Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award. WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network

2011  Small Flash Photography, Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers, Amherst Media,  Gordon Nash photos are featured in this book.

2011  Nikon School, Guide to Creative Lighting, Nikon Inc., October 2011, Gordon Nash's photo appear on inside cover and page 19

2010  Wedding Photography, Advanced Techniques for Digital Photographers, Amherst Media, Gordon Nash photos are featured in this book.

2010 Maui Wedding Planner Magazine (Cover Photo), Trade Publishing Company, 2010, Cover photo and numerous within

2009 100 Techniques for Professional Wedding Photographers, Amherst Media,  December 2009, photos on page 5, 53,54,72,73,74

2009, Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers, Amherst Media, November 2009, photos on p. 36, 38

2008, Nikon DigiGuide Fall 2008, Nikon Inc., November 1, 2008 Photos appear on page 14, 42

2008  Hawaiian Eye, Nikon World  Magazine Article about Gordon Nash and his wedding studio. Interview & photos published.

2007 Maui Wedding Mogul, Rangefinder Magazine  Rangefinder Publishing Co., The Magazine for Professional Photographers, Interview with Gordon with photos published

2005 Nikon Total Digital Imaging System, Nikon Inc., December 2005, photos on page 2,4,5,14

1998 Established A Paradise Dream Wedding Planning and Photography Studio

1991 Established Gravier Corporation, President, Graphic Design, Photography and Cinema

1986 Producer at Aoi Promotion in Tokyo Japan- Television Commercial Producer

1982 Established NASH PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, Photographed first wedding.


Mami Horie, Photographer/Photo Retoucher

Mami Horie was born and raised in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. At a young age her artistic abilities were very apparent. Very adept at Japanese calligraphy, she studied the art for 15 years becoming a master at the craft. Photography came later to her when she became associated with the photographic art of Gordon Nash. She became intrigued when she read an article written about his work in Nikon World Magazine. After becoming friends with Gordon she soon took to the artful yet very precision post production techniques that Gordon laid out before her. Mastering all his tricks and techniques, she soon expanded it on her own to make Gordon Nash’s work even more stunning! Mami assists photographing weddings and can be found most days at the studio designing albums, enhancing colors and fine retouching couples wedding photos. She is inspired by many things, but pretty much can sum it all up into two words…art and romantic passion. These are quite evident in her wedding photography work. Usually on her days off, you can find her golfing on the slopes of the Haleakala in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. See Mami's Portfolio & Photographers' Blog here

堀江麻美〔ホリエマミ〕 フォトレタッチャー 〔写真修正・編集〕/ カメラマン

ゴードン・ナッシュ専属レタッチャーとして、各々の写真に合った彩色の選択、一枚一枚丁寧に色の調整・編集を行う。一つの事に没頭するのが好きな性格から、特に集中力が必要とされるレタッチの仕事は正に天職だと彼女は考える。修正・編集に留まらず、現在、写真家としても活躍中。女性らしい感覚を活かし、ロマンチックで柔らかく自然体の姿を撮るのが彼女のスタイル。撮影現場では、クライアントの最高の姿・笑顔を写真に捉えたい気持ちから、ヘアースタイルやドレスの微調整、何気ないポーズやちょっとした仕草の指導など、女性ならではのきめ細かい心遣いで、クライアントより人気を得ている。そんな彼女の繊細な作品とゴードンが写し出すダイナミックかつゴージャスな作品によって奏でる魅惑のハーモニーで世界中のクライアントを魅了している。趣味は、幼少の頃から始めた書道とゴルフ。毎週、ワイレア・ゴルフクラブでプレーを楽しみ、コースに咲き乱れる熱帯の花々、またコースから見下ろす海の深い碧い色からインスピレーションを得て、『こだわりの美しさ』を常に追求し、次回の作品へと挑んでいる。 ウェディングフォトブログ & 作品集はこちら

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